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How can you boost your income when your current employer isn’t granting you a raise?

  1. Document Your Achievements: You could include an image of a well-organized document or spreadsheet showcasing your accomplishments, such as graphs or charts illustrating your progress and contributions.
  2. Request a Performance Review: A picture here might represent a professional meeting setting, such as a conference room or a handshake between you and your supervisor symbolizing a performance review discussion.
  3. Highlight Market Value: An image of a graph comparing average salaries in your industry could visually represent the market research you’ve conducted.
  4. Develop New Skills: A picture of you attending a workshop, seminar, or online course related to your field could illustrate your commitment to professional development.
  5. Seek Additional Responsibilities: An image depicting you leading a team meeting or working on a project could visually convey your willingness to take on extra responsibilities.
  6. Explore Internal Opportunities: You might include a picture representing upward mobility, such as a ladder or staircase, symbolizing your desire to move into higher-level positions within the company.
  7. Negotiate Non-Monetary Benefits: A photo of a person enjoying flexible work arrangements, like working from home or utilizing a flexible schedule, could represent negotiating non-monetary benefits.
  8. Network Internally: An image of colleagues collaborating in a friendly setting, such as during a team-building activity or a casual networking event, could illustrate the importance of building internal relationships.
  9. Consider External Opportunities: You could include a picture representing exploration or new horizons, such as a person looking through a telescope or a door opening to reveal new opportunities, symbolizing considering external job opportunities.
  10. Stay Professional and Persistent: A picture of someone calmly engaging in conversation or negotiation could represent maintaining professionalism and persistence during discussions about salary increases.
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